Renoult, more than 70 years of experience...

Founded in 1948, and from that time on, the company has focused on the emerging telecoms sector, for the realization of products made from sheet metals.

With Innovation as a driving force

Development continues

For more than 7 decades, Renoult has continued to grow in order to meet the demands of our customers.

St Maur des Fossés (1950s)

First site of the company

Pontault-Combault 1977

New premises

Pontault-Combault (90s)

Acquisition of additional buildings in Pontault

Selles-sur-Cher (2003)

Acquisition of a building in Selles-sur-Cher


Construction of a building of more than 7000 m²

Combs the City

Relocation of the Pontault Combault factory to Combs-la-ville through the acquisition of a building of over 5,000 m²

Pontault Combault factory in 2017

Just before the relocation, the premises had become too old and did not allow the installation of a full height loading zone for the latest generation laser machines

Combs la Ville factory in 2018

Acquisition of new premises to replace those of Pontault Combault. It’s located in an industrial area, directly at the motorway exit. It facilitates access, especially for transporters

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